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Please help I have a serious & painful skin condition & it's affection my social life & work.?

Thankyou for taking the time to read my question. The problem is my skin, For a few weeks now I have suffered with scaly, itchy, flaky skin, it's depressing me, I've started to avoid eating dairy products, I've been using Eucerin Urea %26amp; hemp oil. The doctor gives me antibiotics but as soon as I've finished the course It comes back with a vengance. It's over my arms. legs, neck, throat %26amp; face, the condition makes it painful to move my joints, %26amp; most of the time when moving my arms I get cracks on my elbow joint which then bleeds or pusses. my skin is constantly flaky.I can't sleep at night because of the constant pain. I hate going out as I get weird looks, I am a model but I can't work at the moment, this is really depressing me %26amp; I'd rather stay in bed then go about my daily routine. My doctor won't help me, I've begged her to see a dermotologist %26amp; have an allergy test but I keep getting denied.

I'm going back to the doctors this morning, any advice to make her open her eyes %26amp; help.

Please help I have a serious %26amp; painful skin condition %26amp; it's affection my social life %26amp; work.?
You poor thing, that is dreadful! To be fair to your GP, most of the time they DO try to resolve skin conditions themselves, becuse they sre so common that if every single one was referred to a dermatologist, their clinics would be over-run.

Having said that, I think you have put up with enough, and it is time for an urgent referral to a dermatologist. In the meantime, you are doing all the right things; Eucerin products are very good. Also stop shaving your legs and underarms for a few days; wash only in water,- preferably in a bath, so the mix can coat your skin-that has been softened with something like Oilatum, or Silcocks Base, your pharmacy will help you with this. Ideally, try not washing at all for a few days; just a "top and bottom" freshen up, but I know that is very hard to do.

Pat your skin dry after washing, wear only cotton clothes, loose fitting if possible. It could be psoriasis; or it could be very severe eczema, from the sound of the cracking and bleeding on your elbows.

It could be an allergic reaction either to something you have used on your skin, or something you have inhaled or eaten.

I totally sympathise with you; twice in the past ten years, I have had a mysterious outbreak of a full body, itchy, scaly rash. Nothing helped. The first time, I was out of work for six weeks. In the end, what seemed to work was Betovate cream, along with an antihisamine. I also followed all the above steps; I was one of those people who shaved and exfoliated everything, everyday. I had to stop that. .

At the time, I was totally stressed in my job; had a new manager, and was in the middle of making a serious complain about her bullying me, and that COULD have been a factor.

Is there anything like that in your life?

I wish you well with your GP on the next visit; insist on a referral to a dermatologist; at this stage you are in danger of becoming depressed about the whole thing, and your GP should take that into account.
Reply:This sounds like it could be an ecsma type allergic reaction.

I suffered with this once and it turned out to be the washing powder !!!! we were using.

Seek medical advice again and ensure you tell them all you have said here. Then at least they can start tests.
Reply:Sounds like you are allergict to somthing.

Aggree with Jon P above, change your washing powder, I am allergict to most brands and can only use the Shop own VALUE brand, as its just washing powder with no crap added
Reply:see another doctor. you are entitled to see a dermatologist. stress will make it worse.

surcare is a good brand for skin allergies.
Reply:Sounds like the doctor has formed an opinion that you disagree with and that 's probably the end of the road. for the timebeing You could buy yourself a self analysis kit from chemists that allows you to send away a blood swab and the results will be sent back to you later. This might give you the evidence you need to persuade your doctor that it might be a food allergy. Try this link:

Good luck supermodel.
Reply:Firstly, let me say how sorry I am for you. This type of condition can be so upsetting and terribly debillitating. And to make matters worse, the more you get depressed about the situation, the more it flares up.

The first thing I would do is ask for a second opinion. It is your right, if you feel (and it sounds like) your doctor is not doing her utmost. See another doctor and take it from there. Hugs to you xx
Reply:try and make an appointment,to see a specialist asap !! for now go to the emergency room,they should be able to help you.your doctor isn't doing the right's time to find a new doctor !!
Reply:try and see another doctor at the surgery,some of them specialise in skin problems,and will take a different approach,maybe your allergic to certain foods,but dont just leave it with one doctor,get a second opinion
Reply:In your occupation your self confidence is supreme.

Obviously this is not helping it.

In fact, it would be having the opposite effect.

There is no doubt that you need to see a specialist.

Demand that!

If the doctor is not agreeable ask to get a second opinion from another doctor.

Then get him to refer you.

Your doctor has had every chance, but has not taken you seriously enough.

The good thing is that skin conditions tend to clear up as we get older.

Not everyone wants to wait around, though.

I know what you are going through, and I am sorry for what you are experiencing.

I wish you the best of luck.

Bigger problems have been sorted.

So, get to the doctor, insist on the specialist referral, and start on the road to a new and better, more confident life.

Your self confidence, the engine that drives everything, is too important for medical people to be playing around with.

Go get it sorted girl.


Best of luck.
Reply:I would like to enlighten you to turn towards the natural healing and use Sri Lanken lemongrass oil which is proven in that country for that kind of skin diseases.
Reply:get a new doctor. try to avoid wheat, it's another common trigger for allergy skin.

your skin is the largest organ in your body, and if something is going wrong with it, there can be all sorts of problems... not to mention the fact that germs and bacteria enter through cuts and cracks.

look for a dermatologist yourself, find a new doctor. please, find a doctor who will actually help you!
Reply:I'd keep a food journal and be sure you use something very pure and natural for your skin (cream) %26amp; (showering) - avoid all products with mineral oils (vaseline, baby oil and creams).

You need to ditch your doctor and find one that is willing to listen to you and try to help you -

I'd wash your open lesions with sterile water (take a clean compress and wash it with boiled water [cooling])

and apply peroxide and an antibiotic ointment -

Also vitamin e or shea butter is best for your skin -

or pure and natural creams - (I prefer and use something like Arbonne or Berts Bee)

Take vitamins e, a and c and zinc and be sure you drink 8 glasses of water a day - once your skin isn't oozing or filled with puss I'd try to use a lufa with a sea salt scrub in the shower - the combo will help get rid of dead skin and turn over the cells - making way for healthier skin.

Take motrin for the ache - until you see a real MD who listens and helps you turn a better corner - sounds like you need a cortisone - and antibiotic - to heal -
Reply:go to the derm on your owen they will see you
Reply:try adding body olive oil n liquid glycerin to ur daily skin moisturiser, it will work
Reply:Hi Angel, (i wont use your real name hear babe) i agree with kerry.. you are entitled to see a dermatologist if thats what you want.. and you can go to your doctor, and ask for a second opinion from a different doctor, and he will (he has to) pass you to someone else, who will take a look again, from the start.. this may take time, but you will get some sort of result, and i know youve had this a while now, so nothing to loose...

in the meen time, YES you can change your washing powder etc to "basic brands" as this is a common cause, but it may not be this, and you need more tests doing, your doctor doesnt seem to have come to a conclusion yet. ...

have a GOOD think when this first started, and think of EVERYTHING that changed around this time, no matter how small... eating habbits, sweetner instead of sugar etc etc, vitamins and suplements are another common cause, well i could go one for ever babe, i hope this helps you darling, and hope you get sorted soon.

(it'd be nice to hear how you get on hun x)

Help!! what type of skin condition is it?

hi, I would just like to ask what do you called this type of skin condition.... old aged people frequently had dark age spots appearing on their face or on their arms, my grandma's is color white appearing on her face. What is this? why is it like that? any harmful effects? what would happen?

Help!! what type of skin condition is it?
They could be 'liver spots'.

From Wikipedia:

blemishes on the skin associated with ageing and exposure to ultra-violet radiation from the sun. They are also known as age spots, or senile/solar lentigines. They range in colour from light brown to black and are located in areas most often exposed to the sun, particularly the hands, face, shoulders, arms and forehead. In spite of their name, liver spots are not related to the liver.

From the age of 40 onwards, the skin is less able to regenerate from sun exposure and liver spots are very common in this older age group, particularly in those who enjoy being out in the sunshine. They have been known to proliferate in some individuals under emotional distress.

In the vast majority of cases, liver spots pose no threat and no treatment is necessary. In a very small number of cases, they have been known to obscure the detection of skin cancer.

Some people consider these spots unsightly and wish to have them removed for cosmetic reasons. This can be done by cryotherapy or laser treatment.

Some nutritional specialists believe that they are signs of selenium deficiency and suggest that taking colloidal selenium may make them disappear in about 4 to 6 months.
Reply:Possibly skin cancer, we can't tell you here without seeing her, this is what dermatologists are for.


Does anyone know of a skin condition where the hands are very wrinkled?

My sister has always hand old looking hands (she's only 23). We used to have a young neighbor with the same skin condition. Does anyone know what I am talking about or what it's called?

Another thing is that she was told it envolves her having extra layers of skin.- Thanks -

Does anyone know of a skin condition where the hands are very wrinkled?
My sister was like that too, she was diagnosed with a rare skin disorder call igtheosis.
Reply:Thank you for this question and thank you for the answer. I am 17 with wrinkly fingers and i never knew why it was there!!!!! Thank you so much. Report It

Reply:I have "my-mothers-hands-itis."

I used to play with the wrinkles on the backs of her hands (in her 50s) and she said "You just wait. You have them, too." I'm in my 40s and I am at the beginning stage of it. I moisturize like CRAZY!
Reply:the extra layers of skin is Psoriasis but it usually manifest as a scaly look ( you can peel scales of skin off and they grow back within hours or days )
Reply:Exposure to dish water can cause a condition called "Dermatitis" and is treated with applications of Eucerine cream.
Reply:sounds like hard workin hands that need olive oil or vaseline on at night.

chapstick is better than nothing or cookin oil.

She needs to do this now or when she is 43, her hands may look 83
Reply:are you grayish blue? There is a genetic disorder, I learned in it biology from the alpha mt states, that's where it started. It could be worse. There is pills now for it. I'm looking for the name. there is another one below
Reply:Have you tried Bag Balm ?

Makes your skin udderly soft
Reply:OMG!! i have that! i never knew what it was!! i juss thought that it was part of my eczema!!
Reply:It is a possibility that the wrinkled hands are a result of the hormone androgen levels which may inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and thereby reduce the oil production of the oil glands. This, however, would require various tests to confirm. Wrinkled fingers may also result because the keratin-laden cornified epithelium of hands and feet take up water; the swollen keratin causes the wrinkling. Skin on other parts of our bodies, which is thinner and doesn't have nearly as thick a stratum corneum (the dead layer that is mostly keratin), and doesn't wrinkle. Thestratum corneum is by far the thickest on palms and soles because the keratin is needed in places where the epidermis gets the most wear.There is a condition called Ictheosos. Depending on the type of gene abnormality that causes ichthyosis, the skin can show different patterns of flaking. In most cases of ichthyosis vulgaris, for example, skin will flake over the majority of the body, but not on the inside surfaces of joints, in the groin area or on the face. However, this does not resemble the signs that you describe.

Hope this helps

Matador 89

Is there a cure for a skin condition called Vitiligo?

its a skin condition which can affect anyone, black brown or white, in my case im brown, i have it all over and is very hard to live with. basically it is the loss of pigment in your skin and its evident when you have white patches on your skin. i have searched all over the world and just cant find anything please help?

Is there a cure for a skin condition called Vitiligo?
Vitiligo is a skin condition which is a result of autoimmune system getting disturbed due to various reasons like anxiety, vitamin deficiencies, liver disorders.

As the causes of this condition are not known exactly therefore it is difficult to treat it with one approach.

Different people get different results from the same treatments.

The main treatment in allopathic system is the exposure to the Ultravoilet radiation.

If you want to find out how other vitiligo sufferers have been coping with this problem and how some of them have been able to cure it , please visit which is a chat group for vitiligo sufferers.

They also have up to date news about vitiligo on this website. There are many more websites on vitiligo, just search on vitiligo or leucoderma.
Reply:check on this:

The used resources and no cash are many absolutely.

Taken care of general. Before nothing, the ample explanation to the patient on which it is his suffering and what it is possible to be hoped of the treatment that sets out. There are no restrictive measures as far as feeding and taken care of of the skin. The patient must act most natural possible.

Topical treatment. The natural or synthetic psoralenos are the most effective medicines at the present time. The natural ones as the essential oil of Lima or bergamota, is the favourites in limited injuries and children. The synthetic ones, like the 8-metilpsoraleno, are of delicate use because they can cause serious burns if they are recommended followed of uncontrolled solar exhibition. Several and increasing dilutions must be used in, and the exhibition to the ultraviolet light must be gradual to look for the tolerance of the skin. Otherwise, the burn is the rule and the spot increases its size.

The retinoic acid and the corticoesteroides have given to very inconsistentes and mainly these last ones results, only transitory results. The cosmetic cream use, can be an artificial lightening to the displeasure of the patient before its spots.

Sistémico treatment. The own psoralenos by their fotoirritante power, can be used by oral route in cases of vitiligo very extensive, but it is due to consider that its action will not be limited only the despigmentada skin but that affected also the normal skin. They can cause to fotosensibilización and cataracts. The corticoesteroides although obtain a pigmentación in some months, this one is transitory and disappears when these medicines are discontinued, which have many undesirable effects.

They have been used inmunomoduladores like levamisol and isoprinosine with inconstantes results. The inmunosupresores medicine use, like the cyclosporin, is not justified in a benign disease by its serious collateral effects.

Tattoos and application of autoinjertos with some results have been tried. The psycotherapy, even though is superficial, is helpful. The support that the patient creates to have of his doctor is basic, in any treatment of vitiligio. Sometimes also they will be of aid some ansiolíticos, when one thinks that the patient undergoes of anguish and anxiety by his disease.

What is this skin condition that I have?

I have had a skin condtion for years... finally went 2 my family doctor for it... he referred me to a dermatologist... they both had no answer for me... the condition is deep pitted open sores that appear for the most part on my back, but also have appeared on my neck,behind my ears,face,legs and arms. They are round and very sore and leave a deep scar. Does anyone know what this is , what causes it and how to treat it??

What is this skin condition that I have?
I do not know of this. Does it itch? It may be psioriasis (spelling?).
Reply:It does not sound anything like psoriasis. If your dermatologist didn't know what it is, he should have done some research into it or consulted with some colleagues. You need to go to another dermatologist until you find one who knows.

Deep open sores sound like ulcers, but what is causing it? I will look through my book on skin disease today and if I see anything that looks similar, I will get back to you, but you need to find a doctor who knows his/her stuff and does not give up until he finds an answer.
Reply:My mom had to go to 28 doctors before she found out she had internal poison ivy, no joke. It took years. Try looking for a dermatologist in a big city I went to one about a thing on my face and he put me in front of his colleagues to look at it. Ended up being called a birth mark but they were all interested. A spinal tap and a consult with someone from the centers of disease is usually done when doctors can not figure out a problem. My girl friends son had what looked like a skin condition but it was a allergic reaction to milk his legs had to be wrapped because his skin would turn bright red and crack may be a allergy. Don't give up ask about test.
Reply:Given the information that you have given, I don't think that there is any way to give an answer.

Is there any chance you could post good high definition pictures somewhere?
Reply:Do you know what a cold sore looks like? Are these similar? A round ridge with a soft ulcerated center. Do they break out most often when you are especially stressed or run down? If you get them on callused areas (fingers, heels) they are hard.

If this sounds like what you have, it is caused by the herpes virus. You probably can't get totally rid of it, because it's everywhere. But your body can fight it and keep it supressed. I've found these to be helpful:

L-lysine softgels, taken internally

L-lysine cream (for cold sores) applied topically to help heal

Pure essential oil of Lavender applied topically to stop pain

Extract of Elderberry (sambucus nigra) 20-30 drops (depending on your weight) taken 4x daily

Red Marine Algae, available as pills, taken internally
Reply:Dood have u ever heared of the name "DOCTOR" or "SKIN SPECIALIST", yeah he is the best one to tell the skin condition or type u have.....

What's this skin condition?

My legs have a weird patchy look to it. There's nothing wrong with it, it doesn't hurt or anything... it just looks awful. This is what it looks like: I have never seen anyone with skin like that. I don't know anything about it... I was wondering if anyone knew the name of this condition or anything at all concerning this. Thank you!

What's this skin condition?
Looks like ichthyosis to me.
Reply:hmm maybe psorisis? go to and see if yuo can find out. id definitely go to a dermatologist, maybe they can give you a medication for it.
Reply:I havent seen skin like that before, go see a dermatologist .
Reply:It does look like

Dermatitis Herpetiformis, or the beginning of Plague Psoriasis But you should get it confirmed as to what it is by skin specialist. If it is either time you had a look at your Diet as Dermatitis Herpetiformis is related to Coeliac disease as is Psoriasis which many people are unaware of. Best advice get it checked out confirm what it is......

lady slipper

There is a skin condition called something like "hilly billy". what is it?

it's a rhyming skin condition but i can't remember what it is called.

There is a skin condition called something like "hilly billy". what is it?
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Reply:joking right?

if not try webmd.
Reply:Sounds like something from back yonder, like when your great grandparents were coming up. check with someone in that caliber.